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The highest security in your payments, the least complexity in the process.
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Keep your credit card secure

When linking a credit card to your Biocryptology user, any payment will be validated from your mobile phone with the highest security, avoiding submitting your credit card information into any website.


A secure world without passwords

As a registered user of Biocryptology, you will log into your favorite sites with your Biocryptology App without the need of a username and password. So, you will prevent your user data from being stolen or lost, and what’s more, you will no longer have to remember any passwords anymore.


100% SCA (PSD2)

In 14th September 2019, a new directive for payments arrived to force stating that all online payments must comply with the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandate.
This directive have a moratory of 15 months and will be apply next 31th December 2020.

Our solution complies 100% with the parameters stated by said directive.

Why choose our service

Because we care about your security, our service, developed by Kineox, has become PCI certified on good practices in the processing of valuable cardholder information. Thanks to this certification, recognized by large credit card brands such as Visa and MasterCard, we can guarantee an absolutely secure treatment of your card, since its data is stored complying the highest security standards.

What is our goal?

Improve your buying experience complying with the new European directive PSD2 for means of payments, which aims to increase online payment security to users and retailers thanks to the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) mandate.

Is it secure?

Our service is completely secure, in full compliance with the PCI standards for credit cards capture, and under the supervision of Banco de España, as we are supported with a payment institution having an e-money institution license.

Thanks to an external company, we have security controls on a quarterly basis and an onsite audit on an annual basis.

About Us

This service, dedicated to securely store credit card data linked to the biometric system of a mobile device, arose from the partnership between Kineox and Biocryptology, achieving so a highly secure payment gateway that complies with the new directive for means of payments.

Who is Biocryptology?

Biocryptology is a universal platform for remote and onsite user identification and authentication through biometrics. Biocryptology allows users to forget about using passwords and credit cards for login and to comply with the Strong Customer Authentication under the European directive for means of payments (PSD2).
Biocryptology is available for both mobile and fixed devices, newsstands, ATMs, and even in old computers, without the need of biometric readers. Besides, it increases income by removing the barriers of passwords and the weariness of completing forms.
Note that the information shared by the user will be verified previously by Biocryptology.

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Who is Kíneox Solutions SL?

Kineox is a payment service provider, founded on 2012 in Spain with the aim to develop an omnichannel payment gateway that includes any means of payment, improving user experience.

As a payment gateway, it has been granted with the PCI certificate that guarantees total security in the capture and storage processes of credit card information.

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